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Virtual Care California is one of the pioneers of Electronic Medical Visits helping individual’s throughout Southern California get the medical care they need while at home, work or on vacation. Though we see many of our patients virtually we do have medical centers located in Pasadena, Glendale and West Covina for those times when you need to visit a medical clinic. Because we have family doctors and urgent care physicians on staff many of our virtual patients and their family members are happy to see the wide variety of treatments they can receive online.

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What is virtual health care ?

Virtual Health care is defined as a health care service that take place between physicians and other health care providers to communicate with their patients without physically seeing them in the office, this interactions that occur via advanced technology services like digital and telecommunication technologies through video and audio connectivity that allows virtual meetings to occur in real time and from virtually any location.

Virtual Health initiatives can help in addressing few challenges faced by the healthcare systems

1. Reduces operational costs.
2. Helps in delivering better services in a lower cost.
3. Improving access and the easygoing experience.

How does Virtual Care California Work?

With 3 easy steps Virtual Care California can have you on your way to feeling better



Easy and Secure

Schedule your appointment

Simple and user friendly

See the Doctor

Virtual Consultation




1. Make sure you have a list of all of the medications you are taking ready for the doctor.


2. Check your internet connection to verify you have good internet reception ( if you are using your smart phones minutes make sure you have good cell reception) you can test your PC Here.


3. Be sure you are in a quiet area.


4. Be prepared to fill out all of the standard medical information necessary for a doctors visit.


5. Know what pharmacy you want your prescription sent to ( if necessary) Note: know that we cannot prescribe narcotics on virtual visits.


6. If you are using your phone or tablet you may be prompted to download the evisit telehealth app.

By following our easy steps to use online scheduling system you can be well on your way to wellness!

Services we offer

At Virtual Care California you can schedule a visit for every member of the family including Children, Teens, Adults and Seniors and our ability to offer a wide variety of medical treatments online will help you and your family get and stay as healthy as possible. Just some of the services we offer online include:

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We provide three Local Offices to better serve you

West Covina Family Medical Center

West Covina Family Medical Center

2425 S Azusa Ave, West Covina
CA 91792, USA
+1 626-839-9111

Glendale Family Medical Center

Glendale Family Medical Center

1122 N Brand Blvd, Glendale
CA 91202, USA
+1 818-552-2011

Pasadena Urgent Care & Medical Center

Pasadena Urgent Care & Medical Center

1710 E Washington Blvd, Pasadena
CA 91104, USA
+1 626-345-9022

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